Basement Waterproofing St Louis

           How to Choose a Contractor Who Can Waterproof With  

                        Lasting Results at an Affordable Price

4 "MUSTS" to know before selecting ANY basement waterproofing company.

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1) Decades of experience and a proven reputation.   

Don't let a novice make mistakes in your basement that will last for years.

Nothing makes up for a strong history of performance in this field. In business since 1965, Jay Waterproof Company has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Our system and level of workmanship makes for satisfied customers while wet basements become history.

You'll never need to have it done again-guaranteed. 


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Yes- you can get a durable, dry basement in St Louis with the BEST and still save.

We're known for that very thing.


Call Jay Waterproof Co. at

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   for a free estimate.

 2) Superior waterproofing system.

Shown in diagram to right, this full service interior sub-slab drain system is uniquely designed to catch, direct, and discharge water at all four major entry points as shown by blue arrows.

It's time-tested as the most foolproof and durable basement system we know of. Anything else can represent a risk.

3) Exceptional         Warranty 

It's not only guaranteed, it's transferable to the new owner if you sell your home. 

In short, once your basement has been waterproofed the way we do it, you've added value to your home for good and never have to think about it again.

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 Wet basements become as tight as a bottle. You can count on it -in writing.

4) Price

We don't have the high overhead and advertising of the larger  companies, so it's common for us to save a customer thousands of dollars.

Our customers discover they can save lots of money and STILL get the best job in town.

Unlike many basement contractors, all of our materials are stocked in the St Louis area.

You'll get exactly what you need with no delays for hard-to-find supplies.

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 Don't get soaked. Our prices have saved people a LOT of money.

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basement waterproofing system

Diagram above-

The interior sub-slab drain system is designed to catch, direct, and discharge water at all four major entry points.

These are noted with blue arrows at - 

1) Top of foundation

2) Basement wall cracks

3) Between footing and wall

4) Under footing

(Use this link for a more extensive explanation of basement systems).

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 No One Else Comes Close

Can you really eliminate risk, save lots of money and still get the best job with an iron-clad, transferable guarantee?

Our reputation is built on that and our customers know it.

You'll find Jay Waterproof Co. is by far the best choice for a basement waterproofing contractor in St Louis.

Call 314 960 4801 today for a free waterproofing estimate.

It's a start to saying goodbye to your wet basement forever.

We offer these basement products and services in and around St Louis MO including St Charles MO, Jefferson County MO, Franklin County MO, Alton IL, Belleville IL, and other west Illinois areas.

 Basement crack repair, sump pumps, waterproofed foundations, basement inspections, commercial waterproofing.  

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